Funday Sunday on Everglades Speed Blue 355CCX! : As The Prop Turns
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Funday Sunday on Everglades Speed Blue 355CCX!

by Mike DeFrancesco on 05/19/15

After a very busy week but feeling the desire to get the new Everglades Speed Blue 355CCX out on the water, we took an afternoon jaunt from Yacht Works in Tavernier to Islamorada for Funday Sunday. The strong breezes kept us bayside so we opted into Islamorada Fish Company where there was a perfect dock and once there, up went the Everglades flags to await admirers, and they did! It’s always a proud feeling to hear all of the comments about what a beautiful boat!!  Of course, this boat is absolutely gorgeous and comfy so a great place to be while listening to the very pleasant entertainment by Dennis Holmes at Later we snacked on a burger and some pretty tasty fish tacos recommended by Thomas which will be ordered again. After a great afternoon enjoying the area beauty of the mangroves, boats moving about, and visiting from the Everglades 355CCX, it was time to head back to the dock, clean and prepare for another day.
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